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When arriving in Moscow on an international flight you will land at either Sheremtyevo 2 International Airport or Domodedovo International Airport. Sheremtyevo 1 is the domestic terminal located at Sheremtyevo airport and there is a third airport called Vnukovo Airport, but that airport services domestic flights, with a few exceptions. Domodedovo also services a range of domestic flights.

Sheremtyevo 2 was built for the 1980 Olympic Games and is the older of the two international terminals, but it has undergone renovations in recent years (and there are more taking place again) and the facilities and services have been much improved.

There are presently plans to build a third terminal at Sheremtyevo to enable it to cope with the increased air traffic to Moscow. Domodedovo is a much newer and nicer airport, but it is also undergoing some major expansion to improve the services and facilities available so that it can cope with the increased air traffic it receives.

If you are unsure which airport you are landing at, the codes used in your airline tickets will assist you. The codes are DME for Domodedovo and SVO for Sheremtyevo 2.

Both airports are well sign posted (inside and outside) in Russian and English and there are many people at the airports that will have knowledge of different languages, especially English.

For maps of the two international airports, please click on the relevant links below:

Maps of Domodedovo International Airport

Transfers to and from Moscow Airports

“BTICompany” can arrange for transfers from your arrival airport to hotel or other arrival destination and from hotel or other location to your departure airport.

When you arrange for an airport arrival transfer you will be greeted at the airport arrival lounge (located after immigration and customs) with a sign showing your name by our driver. The driver will assist you to get with your luggage to the car and then deliver you to your hotel or other arrival destination. If you request an airport departure transfer, the driver will collect you from the hotel or other departure location and deliver you and your luggage to the departure area of the relevant airport.

 Both International Airports are located outside the city. Time to travel to Domodedovo International Airport (south of the City) and to Sheremtyevo 2 International Airport (north of the City) from the City Centre is usually about 90 minutes. Domodedovo International Airport is much further away from the City Centre than Sheremtyevo 2 International Airport, but there is a dedicated road beyond the MKAD servicing part of the Domodedovo International Airport route, which normally saves considerable traffic time.

With most airlines requiring international departure passengers to check-in 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, you should generally leave for either international airport at least 3½ hours before the scheduled departure time (if leaving from the City Centre area), subject to any adverse traffic and weather conditions, which may extend travel time.

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